General Terms and Conditions



This online store was created in order to present the opportunity to shop online from Between.

Occasionally we may also post promotions, giveaways and special offers that are valid until the given date or until recalled. 

You can read about those conditions and rules under Between is selling their products. These conditions and rules are in all cases according to the existing laws and regulations and the principles of etchical trading with costumers. 

By registering to this site you accept and agree to these General Terms Conditions.


In case you are under 16 years old, then you are obliged to ask permission from your legal guardian to shop, pay and handle your personal information. We do not take responsibility for issues originating from missing out on that. 



Legal Validity of the Contract

Contracts concluded online are distance contracts, meaning that the simultaneous physical presence of the trader (Szabó Csilla ev.) and the costumer (buyer) is not required for the contract to enter into force. The contract is not concluded in person but online. This is a lawful action in accordance with the legislation of both the European Union and Hungary. Violation of a distance contract implies the same legal consequences of a regular – written or oral - contract. These contracts have to be performed according to their content by both the costumer and the trader.

Important Measures 

a) Act CVIII. of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce activities and services of information society 
b) Decree 45/2014. (II. 26.) 
c) Act CLV. of 1997. on consumer protection and
c) Act CLV of 1997 and act V. Of 2013 on Civil code 

Product Details

Between commits to offer quality products in respect of cost/value proportionality. 
Please note, that our products are only available in limited sizes and colors, therefore, in some cases exchanging an item might be problematic. Since occasional failure of exchange is due to the nature of our store we cannot offer any refunds.

• Name of the item
• Photo(s) of the item
• Description of the item
• Available size(s), color(s) 
• Wash and care instructions
• Price (in HUF) 

The final price is always indicated next to an item (HUF), VAT is included. The cost of shipping in not included, information on that can be found next to the product, and after selecting the desired article, the price of shipping will be indicated in ’’My Cart”. Between has made every effort to display the colors of the items as realistically as possible. However, the color of the garments that appear on the screen may be subject to changes depending on the quality of your computer monitor. Therefore, Between cannot guarantee that the colours that appear on your monitor are a true representation of the actual colours. 


How to Order:

1. You can browse our items and after clicking on any, you can see its details and the size and color selection we have in stock. 

2.Click on "To Cart", the item will be added to your virtual shopping cart, where you can choose the quantity. The default setting is one.

3. By choosing the ’’Continue Shopping’’ option you will be redirected to the page of the product so you can continue browsing. 

4. Repeat step 2 with all the items you wish to purchase. 

5. After you have put all the items you wish to buy, click on ’Check out’’. If you do not have a registered account our system will ask for your personal information that you can save for future orders.

6. Choose the method of shipping:

  • In-store Pickup: SOON!

  • Through the Hungarian Postal Service: choose this option if you want us to ship your package to you after you have sent or transferred the sum of your purchase and the additional cost of shipping to Szabó Csilla Ev.

7. Choose a method of payment. For details on each method click on a method. 

  • You can pay through PayPal provided you have a registered account to their service. You can pay by card there and it is easy to set up. When clicking on "Review Order" you'll be redirected to PayPal's secure site to finalise your order easily. After giving the required information then you'll be transferred back to your Cart where you can finish your transaction by clicking on "Complete order".

  • In case of In-store Pickup. SOON!

8. After choosing the method of payment please make sure that your billing address is accurate, then click on Review Order. IIf all your data is correct then click on Complete Order. Please note that after that step you are obliged to pay, meaning that by step you have finalized your order.

Cancelling an Order 

  1. Your order will get cancelled if:

    • Based on the method payment you either do not collect you order in person, or you fail to pay the whole sum of the purchase within 3 workdays.

    • If you fail to get your order, and you fail to notify us about your intention of recieving it

  2. The user can ask for cancellation of the order as well within 6 hours from submission, through

       In case of payment by debit or credit card you can withdraw from the purchase instead of cancelling it. 

In case of cancelling the order you will be refunded within 14 workdays, except for the post of shipping.

If the cancellation is on your side then you do not get any compensation, late interest or refund of your expences.

Orders will be processed on weekdays within 48 hours from placing the order, the latest.

We hold the right to cancel orders due to the lack of stock. 


a) PayPal

You can also pay through PayPal provided you have a registered account to their service. You can pay by card there and it is easy to set up. When clicking on "Review Order" you'll be redirected to PayPAl's secure site to finalise your order easily. After giving the required information then you'll be transferred back to your Cart where you can finish your transaction by clicking on "Complete order".

b) In Store Pick-up


Conditions of Shipping:

  • Your order is delivered by Magyar Posta Ltd. All packages are sent via priority, registered mail. To destinations inside Hungary shipping may take 2-3 week (include the production time), in case of international orders it can take around 3-4 weeks.

  • Promotions and sales are only valid in our online store if it is explicitly noted.

  • The cost off shipping is calculated by our system and it’s indicated next to the final price of your order in your basket after clicking on "Check out" 

  •  We have the right to change the cost of shipping. Any changes will be indicated online. Changes don’t affect finalised orders. 

  •  Between is not liable for any damage or delay caused by the delivery company. In case of imperfect delivery we follow the general regulations of Magyar Posta Ltd. 

  • The cost of shipping is by all means on the costumer, unless Szabó Csilla Ev. lacks conformity. 

  • The cost of shipping includes the price of packaging.

Tracking your order 

You may track your order through Magyar Posta Ltd. In case of delayed delivery please contact us through or call +3620 3855498 so we can follow through your order. F. 



Exchanging a product 

In case you are not satisfied with your order you have the right to exchnge it. You may exchange it for any product from our online store that has the same price. If your chosen item has a lower price than the original, we are not able to pay the difference. If the exchange item has a higher price, you are obliged to pay the difference. 

In case you intend to exchange the product Between has to be notofied within 14 weekdays. Write to

The cost of return delivery and the delivery of the exchange item is on you. Withing 14 weekdays after we recieve your return item, we will send you an e-mail with the shipping cost of the exchange item. As soon as you transfer the set amount, and it appeares on our account, we ship your package. 

In case of In-store pick up you can exchange the item for a product from our online store at ...., and you can even try it on before the exchance.

Please note, that if the price tag is removed we are unable to exchange your order!

Right of Withdrawal 

You have the right to withdraw from the present contract within 14 days of receipt. 

In order to do so you have to send a notice to Between within 14 days of receipt. Write to Please attach the completed Notice of Withdrawal in all cases.

Cancellation/Notice of Withdrawal.

Please note, that if the price tag is removed we are unable to accept the return item. 


Consequences of Withdrawal 

In case of withdrawal from the present contract we refund the whole sum you paid for the order, incliding the price of shipping. (However, if you chose an alternative shipping method, you have to bear the expences of the delivery.) Return the item within 14 days of issuing the notice to:
Szabó Csilla
Budapest Katona József u. 24.

Within 14 days of receipt we will refund the sum. 

The right of withdrawal is operative only within 14 days of receipt if a Notice of Withdrawal is not forwarded to Between. In all cases a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you after we recieve your notice. If you did not recieve such n e-mail please contact us through or call +3620 3855498.


When we recieve a return item we check its condition, then we send a confirmation e-mail. Next, we either exhange it for a chosen exchange product, or in case of withdrawal, we refund the sum of the purchase (including the price of shipping). The same payment method applies for your refund that you chose at your order.

Refunds are completed within 14 days from the arrival of the return item to us. 

If we made a mistake and sent you the wrong item, or the item is damaged we refund the whole sum of return shipping as well, within 14 days after the item is returned to us.